Top 25 Data Entry Jobs From Home

Do you really wish to make some extra money? Do you tired of searching the best and free data entry jobs from home? Here we have satisfying answers to all of your questions.

Today, I am going to share with you the top 25 online data entry jobs that you can do very easily sitting at your home. Moreover, no additional educational qualification is required for this data entry work from home. You can make Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000 per month. It depends upon the time and preference you give to the job. Similarly, your typing speed is also a vital factor for your earning. You must have a typing speed of about 25 WPM.

Understandably, the data entry work can be a good choice for housewives, students, retired persons, who want to make money online in their spare time.

So, quickly move to the list of the best data entry jobs from home. You will see that some data entry jobs are online whereas some jobs can be performed offline. You can select your favorite and suitable option and start making excellent income by utilizing your spare time.

We have categorized all the data entry jobs into various sections as per their nature. Just go through one by one and find the option best suits you.

Regular Data Entry Jobs from Home

The first category is regular jobs and under it, some of the common data entry jobs from home are as follow:

  • Plain Data Entry Jobs

These are the jobs simply involves the work of typing. You just need to read the content from the PDF document and type the same words into an MS word. Your earning will range from Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 in these kinds of data entry jobs from home.

Further, not only your typing speed but your English reading and writing skills are also matters in this job. Moreover, your accuracy will earn you more rewards.

  • Other basic Typing Jobs

Moreover, there are also some other data entry jobs like working in an MS Excel. You will have to feed the data into an Excel spreadsheet. It is quite simple and easy and you do not require knowledge about excel formulae and technical stuff.

You can earn Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per hour depending upon your speed and accuracy by doing this data entry work from home.

  • Word Processor

Unlike the above-mentioned jobs, this is a little bit tough and technical. You will need to have some technical knowledge to perform data entry work in a word processor. In it, you will have to create mailing labels, letters, and reports etc.

Moreover, your English grammar and vocabulary should be of the utmost level. Frankly speaking, you will have to take training before joining this kind of data entry job.

  • Data Cleaner

When you work as a data cleaner, you have to detect and remove or correct the erroneous data in a table, sheet or database.

Data cleaning is also known as data cleansing and data scrubbing. Moreover, your earning will be based upon your experience and accuracy in these data entry jobs from home.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Under the next category, we have mentioned the 2 best online data entry jobs from home. One is online form filling and the second is online surveys. Here is brief information about these 2 work from home data entry jobs.

  • Online Form Filling

This kind of data entry job requires deep attention to perform the task. You will be given online forms and a bunch of data. You have to type and fill that data into the forms correctly. Accuracy must be maintained at a high level.

You will have to be very careful during form filling job. Most probably, you can fill wrong data into wrong cells.

  • Survey Form Filling

A survey is a questionnaire that you need to fill. It takes up to 15 minutes to complete one survey form depending upon the length of the form.

There is no writing work. You have to choose your answer from the alternatives. The questions are the feedbacks for the products or services of a particular company.

Micro Jobs

These are the small sized jobs required lesser time and efforts comparatively. Many companies hire people to perform various types of micro jobs in their spare time. Here is the list of top trending micro jobs that you can go for.

  • Captcha Entry

We often use Captcha while creating a new email account or signing up with any website. Under the Captcha entry job, you have to enter Captcha data into the box. Your speed matters a lot to determine your earning.

You have a need to enter hundreds of Captcha daily. Hence, it is a micro type of data entry job you can do easily from home.

  • Copy and Paste

Copy and paste is quite easy and simple. You have to copy the data from one file and then paste it on another file. No technical knowledge is required to perform this data entry job from home. Moreover, the data may be in MS word file or MS Excel file.

Although you do not need to type anything but you have to read enough before copying the data. Therefore, your English must be good to get success in this data entry work.

  • Captioning

Under this data entry job, you need to write captions for news headlines, images or videos. Hence, it is a quite technical task and you need to be good at English.

Moreover, the captioning data entry jobs from home are in demand in the media industry. Especially, news channels can hire you to do this job on their behalf.

Data formatting jobs

The data formatting also comes under the category of data entry work, but you have to format the data more as compare to enter the data. Therefore, some of the best data formatting jobs are as below:

  • Formatting and correction

Formatting is also a technical data entry job. You have to format MS word page such as aligning paragraphs, borders, and more functions.

Similarly, some more formatting tasks include name, Email ID, address, and contact number etc. one thing more, you must be familiar with all the formatting abilities to mark the success in this data entry work.

  • Formatting and Editing

To format and edit the data, it requires a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. Under this job, you will have to correct the data not only in spelling but grammar also. Moreover, excellent editing skills are required with a high level of accuracy.

Converting Files

You have to convert the files from one form to another just like the regular data entry jobs from home. The only difference is that you have to convert audio and image file into ms word document. Hence the 2 main data entry jobs are as follow:

  • Image to MS Word

As the name suggests, you will have to type the data from an image to an MS word document. You will be given some images with some paragraphs written on them. You have to read these texts and type it into a word document.

Here one thing you should remember that it is not as easy as it looks like. The data will not be in general English that we come across daily. It will be a difficult format of medical terminology that you have not heard before.

Hence, it is among the toughest data entry jobs from home. You must have good reading skills.

  • Audio to MS Word

It is even harder than the image to MS word conversion. Excellent listening skills are required to perform these kinds of data entry jobs from home. Hence, it is not for all.

You will have to listen to some audio files and then type the exact words in the ms word document. The accuracy must be around 100% to make great income through this kind of data entry job. Your English should be great as you have to listen to every word very carefully.

Transcription Jobs

These kinds of data entry jobs are among the most difficult jobs in the industry. Here is the list of transcription jobs as below:

  • Medical Transcriptionist

Very similar to audio to text data entry job, but quite difficult in other sense. You will listen to the recorded audio clips and then type the same into a word document file.

The tough thing is that the wording will be of medical terminology. Hence, you must have the knowledge about the latest medical phrases. Along with, you need to have good listening skills.

  • Medical Coding

It is another one of the toughest data entry jobs from home. Medical coding is a little bit different from medical transcription. In it, you will have to transform the healthcare diagnosis, medical services, and procedures into alphanumeric codes.

Here I want to suggest you one thing that medical coding is a very rare job. As a beginner, you should not choose this kind of data entry from home. Start with another easy data entry job and make progress easily.

Misc Online Data Entry Jobs

Underthe next category, I have enlisted some easier online data entry jobs. Go through all one by one;

  • Data Capturing

If you want to earn money online, go for this data entry job. You have to capture the data from various sources like e-magazines, eBooks, journals, and other publications. Similarly, this data entry work also requires good English at all.

  • Email Processing

It is one of the highest paying data entry jobs from home. You need to process hundreds of emails on a daily basis in order to extract their content and make a list into an excel sheet. You English must be very good to maintain accuracy high.

Moreover, email categorization is another task you have to perform along with.

  • Creating and Updating Databases

Under this job, you will create new databases as well as update the existing databases. These databases will include various types of cells of the name, gender, phone number, address, email ID, and some more information.

Data Entry Keyer

You will be provided a software named CRM to enter the data into it. Some of the data entry keyer jobs are as under-mentioned:

  • Catalog Data Entry Operator

As a catalog data entry operator, you will have to fill data into online and offline software after reading it from different databases. The data will be in the form of the product name, product price, code number, expiry date etc.

  • Payroll Data Entry Operator

The responsibility of the payroll data entry operator is to gather the data about employee name, employee code, salary, allowance etc. Moreover, it is an easy and common type of data entry job from home.

  • Entering Data into Web-Based System

Further, you enter data of various sorts into a web-based system. The data can be any kind like; you have to convert legal or insurance documents into a word or excel file. Similarly, you have also need to enter the data like automobile registration number, contact details, owners’ name etc.

Clerical Data Entry Work

Clerical work is very similar to data entry keyer. The few examples of data entry clerk jobs are as follow:

  • Hospitals

If you join this data entry job from home, you have to enter data about patients’ record, hospital records, accident reports, and other similar data.

  • Municipal

Here your job will be to enter the data related to municipal records, legal documents, birth records, town records etc.

Writing Jobs

Here we have come to the last category. It is different kind of job than data entry job. Your typing speed will matter in the writing jobs.

  • Content Writing

If you are passionate about writing, pick this job with closed eyes. Write articles and blogs of different length and submit it to the bloggers and site owners. Remember one thing in mind that the article must be free of grammatical errors and plagiarism.

  • Copy Writing

Very similar to content writing with one difference that it is writing about ads. Moreover, some experience and writing skills are required to perform the task in a successful way.


Finally, you have covered up the entire list. These are some of the top data entry jobs from home that you can choose to make extra income in your part-time. Further, no investment is required for most of the data entry jobs. You can easily earn handsome money by working from home.

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