How to Earn Money From Google Online Jobs

Millions of people from across the world are making billions by doing simple online jobs from home. The internet has made it quite easy and simple to earn money online without making any type of investment.

There are plenty of ways through which you can earn handsome money by working on a part-time or full-time basis. Today, I will tell you some excellent methods to earn money from Google online jobs.

Earn Money From Google Online Jobs

No doubt, Google is the biggest internet company. It is paying billions of dollars to the publishers and content creators from across the world. You too can make great income through these internet jobs from home.

If you are serious about making online money, read this article till the end and take your decision. I am sure you will be successful for sure after adopting one or two jobs. So, read the article carefully and enjoy home based online jobs to add extra income to the account.

3 ways to Earn Money from Google Online Jobs

Today, we will discuss 3 top ways to earn money from Google. You can set your target and try to achieve these targets by working through step by step. Moreover, the Google online jobs are totally genuine and you can trust Google blindly.

Let’s follow the Google online jobs one by one:

Google AdSense

If you ask me for the effective and most genuine way to earn money from Google online jobs, I will definitely suggest you the name ‘Google AdSense’. It is one of the most popular and important methods to make money online. Today, millions of people are cultivating the benefits of Google AdSense. In fact, it is a service or program offered by Google for the users. You can use it to make money fast over the internet.

Similarly, here are some steps to earn money from Google AdSense:

  • First, create a blog or website. It is very easy to create a blog. You have two platforms. One is free to use and the other one is paid. You can go for any of them. Moreover, it only takes up to 30 minutes to setup blog.
  • Start publishing contents and articles on it. The articles can be of any niche or topic of your interest. It may be from sports, politics, hobbies, fitness, cooking, media, entertainment, your thoughts, and experience etc. hence, provide the audience with the information that you think beneficial for the world.
  • Promote your blog or website through various types of offline or online mediums. You can take the help of social media, guest post, directory submission, and many more methods.
  • Next, after getting the visitors on your blog, you can apply for the Google AdSense.
  • Once your application for Google AdSense approved, you will be eligible to publish different types of ads from Google AdSense.
  • Now, this is the step for your earning. Whenever your visitor clicks on the ad published on your blog, you will earn a certain amount of money. Hence, you will earn money for each click by your visitors.

Best and Easy Money making Platform

Here one thing I want to tell you that you will not earn a huge amount of money in the starting. It takes time to your blog promotion and then for Google AdSense approval. So, you need to have patience in the starting and continue with your work. I assure you will get excellent rewards against your hard work.

One thing more, if you think that these steps are hard to follow, then you are absolutely wrong. All the steps are simple and you can do these without taking any type of training. The earning has no limits and you can earn great money through Google online jobs.

Earn Money Online by YouTube

Today, I can say that we have become addicted to YouTube. Thousands of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every day. We spend a huge amount of time watching YouTube videos. Now it is the time to earn money through YouTube.

You will be surprised to know that millions of people are earning billions of dollars via YouTube. Now it is not only a video sharing platform you can use it to earn money from Google online jobs.

How to Earn from YouTube?

Here are some easy steps to earn money from Google online jobs:

  • First of all, create a YouTube channel. Creating a channel is as easy as an email account. It will take some minutes and your channel is ready.
  • Next, make videos using your smartphone. Similarly, you can also you any other camera as per your convenience. But I will suggest you use your Smartphone in the starting. No need to pay money for a new camera. You can buy it later.
  • Now upload your video on your channel.
  • Further, it also takes some time to get sufficient amount of subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • When you get that number of subscribers, apply for the YouTube partner program.
  • Once Google approves your application for the YouTube partner program, you become eligible to earn money from YouTube.
  • Finally, Google will provide you with some ads and you will have to embed these ads into your videos. You will earn money for every click the viewer made on these ads.

Now you can imagine how much you can earn by YouTube. It is limitless. You can earn $1000 to $10000 per month through this YouTube partner program. It is up to the clicks viewers made on the ads. More they click, more you will earn.

Google Opinion Rewards

Now come to the third option to earn money from Google online jobs. It is Google opinion rewards. As compared to the previous two methods, this method is not as popular. You can take this method if you want to work online on a part-time basis.

Moreover, it is not a regular source of income. But if you want to make online money in your spare time, then you can go for Google opinion rewards. It is best in term of online part time jobs.

How to use Google opinion rewards?

  • Simply go to your Google play store or IOS app store. Search and install some particular apps on your phone.
  • Further, you have to complete some surveys in these apps. The task is easy and anybody can do it without any difficulty.
  • Once you finish the survey, Google will pay you with Google play credits. You can use these credits to buy online paid mobile apps.
  • Usually, Google pays a minimum amount of Rs. 10 in India in term of these credits.

Therefore, you can see that the Google opinion rewards can be a great source for you if you want to make money on a part-time basis. It is 100% genuine work and payments are assured from the Google on regular intervals.


So, as you have seen, these are the 3 best ways to earn money from Google online jobs. No other method can compete with these methods in term of trustworthiness and reliability. Apart from that, you will be getting paid directly from Google and we all know that what the Google is.

You can focus on these Google online jobs to earn a huge sum of money and fulfill your life dreams.

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