15 Best and Free Job Posting Sites to Get the Right Candidate

Every company looks to hire the best and suitable candidate. But it is not an easy task to find the right candidate. The HR managers can do this via two options; to advertise in a reputed newspaper or to post an ad on a good website. Likewise, there are various free job posting sites that can be used to post a vacancy for the public. In this article, we will discuss all these job posting websites one by one that are available to you free of cost.

The success of every business depends upon the employees working there along with right planning and decisions. So, it is of utmost importance to hire the right candidate for the company. The human resource manager has to make special efforts to find out the best candidates for a particular post. In fact, it is such a hard task to recruit and manage the manpower to ensure success in the company.

Why use Free Job Posting Sites?

It is an era of advertising. Corporate firms are reserving massive budgets to pay on advertising. Further, they can afford these budgets easily as they make huge profits after that.

Posting a job vacancy online has a number of benefits. First, your vacancy goes online which ensures that it is now available to the global job seekers. You will get job applications in bulk to choose from.

Further, the online job posting is quite affordable and inexpensive as compared to print media. Little budgets can fetch you massive opportunities to find the best candidate.

Online free job posting sites present your vacancy ad for a longer period of time. Your candidates will see your ad even after a month or two.

On the contrary, one can also use newspapers or some other print media methods for a job posting. But it has some limitations.

  • First, to advertise in print media has a limited reach. It is restricted to a particular location or area.
  • Moreover, it will be quite costly as well. You have to spend thousands of Indian rupees if no lakhs.
  • One another drawback is that it will be available for a limited period of time. Your visitors can watch this for a day or two. It depends upon your budgets.
  • Further, it is not possible to track job posting views in print media. You cannot measure how many people have been seen your job posting.

Top 15 Free Job Posting Websites

So, small businesses, home-based startups, and small enterprises can use job posting sites. Usually, new startups cannot afford huge advertisement budgets. Maximum of the job posting sites are free to use.

Here is the list of free job posting sites you can sign up for and post your requirement:

National Career Service

NCS or National Career Service is an initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. Further, it is an online portal that is offering free job postings for small to medium-scale home-based businesses, individual to family startups. It also forms a part of Skill India and Make in India programs of Indian Government.

In addition, National Career Service also provides career counseling through multiple platforms like mobile devices, Skill India Website, and career centers. The NCS also is making efforts to deliver information on education, employment, and training etc. to the youngsters. Correspondingly, it will set up several multilingual call centers to help the purpose.

Hence, NCS is one of the best and free job posting sites in India. You can post your job vacancy for any of the requirements like Plumber, Carpentry, driving, painter etc. Moreover, the NCS will provide you with the employment services in a hassle-free and user-friendly manner.


Secondly, Indeed is an online platform that is available to you to post job vacancies for free and paid as well. Further, it is a global reach platform to make your job vacancy visible worldwide. Newly startups and small enterprises can take this free job posting site useful to add new candidates to the business. Hence, it can be one of the best and free job posting sites for those in the initial phase.

You can post your job vacancy on Indeed using paid or free options. The only difference is that paid job vacancies will be seen at the top of the search results. On the other hand, free job postings will appear at the bottom of the search results.

Here I want to tell you one thing that free job posting will not affect your posting adversely. The visitors will explore all the search results to the bottom to find out the best vacancy suitable for them. Unlike Google, candidates will not click only top search results in Indeed. They will investigate the whole page to click the best one matching their qualification and experience.

In addition, Indeed is available to you in website form and in a mobile application. You can use any of them to hire the candidates quickly for your business.


The next in the list of free job posting sites is Glassdoor. It is an online platform from the United States but also offer job posting services in India. Using Glassdoor, you will be capable of enjoying numerous services like reviews about thousands of companies, salary reports, CEO approvals, interview questions and answers, office photos, and many more features.

Further, Glassdoor offers customized candidate search through effective recruitment processes via ‘Glassdoor for Employers’. Similarly, it helps thousands of employers searching for the right candidates looking for the best job postings from the globe.

The most important feature of Glassdoor is to deliver quality job posting services to employers. You will get multiple options to meet their designation requirements with the most suitable candidates. Further, it maintains a higher rate of success to be one of the best and free job posting sites in the world.


In India, this online platform has captured a massive ground in the service sector. Further, Aasaanjobs is providing paid and free job posting options to the employers who are searching for the freshers and professional people.

The employer will get free job posting options under various categories. They can post vacancies related to any corporate field. Freshers and experienced people regularly visit Aasaanjobs to find the best job matches. Hence, employers will have the freedom to hire candidates from each category to satisfy their business requirements.

Moreover, this portal has not clearly shown the paid options. Employers can enjoy free options for a specific period of time. So, it can be one of the perfect and free job posting sites in India that provides you with flexible job posting categories.


Basically, Quickr is a classifieds website that offers free services to post buying and selling used articles and other stuff. But you can also use it to post jobs and vacancies for absolutely free of cost.

The best part is that you can post job vacancies to hire people for home or workshop, and some other small works. Further, you can find domestic helpers, carpenters, drivers, plumbers, electricians, cooks, and other similar professionals. Hence, Quickr is one of the best and free job posting sites if you want to hire someone instantly for your work at hand.


It is another one of the paid and free online job posting websites. In fact, Bayt provides most of its services in Arab countries of the Gulf region, but it also offers job posting services in the Indian sub-continent. Further, it is the premier job posting website of the Middle-East that seeks thousands of job posting every month.

It is the most popular online platform among the multi-nation companies that are seeking talents from India and other emerging economies.

Employers can find the best candidates by registering their company on Bayt. Free job posting services are available to them to attract Indian diaspora around the world.


It is specially designed to help the employers find their best candidates across India. You have to follow some simple steps which will enable you to cultivate the benefits of this online and free job posting website.

Once you complete your registration with WorkIndia, you will be assigned a username and a password. Moreover, WorkIndia will not accept job applications from the candidates on your behalf. The matter is that you need to provide a postal address if you want to get job applications through the mail or an electronic mail.

Similarly, posting a free job vacancy is very easy and simple. It requires only some basic computer knowledge to perform the task of a job posting. Hence, WorkIndia is among the best and free job posting sites in India.


As the name indicates, Freshersworld is an online platform for those looking for their maiden jobs. Similarly, employers can also do free job posting here to hire fresh minds for the company.

Similarly, Freshersworld is among the favorites for graduates, undergraduates, and pass-outs that are looking to join the corporate world.

For the employers, the registration process is easy and then they can post free job vacancies in various categories. Moreover, one thing they should consider that they cannot post jobs for free to hire professional and experienced people. These categories are for paid employers. So, one can register at Freshersworld to get the best and talented candidates for their business firm. In fact, it is one of the free job posting sites that offers a smooth online platform to the employers to make a hunt for the recent college/university pass-outs.


PlacementIndia is an Indian web portal that offers free and paid job posting services to the employers. Further, it has a huge collection of corporate clients who are looking for the right candidates from across the country.

On the contrary, a promising number of candidates visit PlacementIndia regularly to get hired to any of the corporate firms. Hence, it makes it one of the best and free job posting sites in India if you are looking for the candidates best for the designation.

Moreover, the only difference between free and paid services is that paid services will appear on the top in the search results. The paid services will get automatic promotion on the website.  Consequently, free job postings will be visible at the bottom. But you are not in a hurry to get the candidate; you can go for a free job posting option. It will be quite beneficial for you.


The employers can post their vacancy requirements on CareerAge to get the best solutions. It is country-based online and free job posting website that provides multiple categories to both the job providers and job seekers.

Moreover, you can also hire experienced and professional people from tradesmen to senior managers. It will help you to get the right candidates from the distant location of the country.

On the other hand, job seekers can also meet their dream job countrywide if they belong to rural or semi-urban areas. To date, CareerAge has helped thousands of employers and job seekers to attain their target and distinguished as one of the most popular and free job posting sites in India.


Employers can post their job vacancies on ClickIndia to get the job applications from fresher to experienced candidates. Moreover, ClickIndia is one of the largest free job posting sites having a huge database for employers and job seekers.

Just complete your registration formalities and provide your postal address and your email ID to receive the applications from the job finders.

Furthermore, ClickIndia is the only job posting website that offers multiple choices to both job seekers and employers. They can interact directly on this website to meet their requirements in a professional way.


Although LinkedIn is not a job posting website it provides you with individual and business-to-business networking. Currently, LinkedIn has around 35 million active users in India. Hence, you can imagine its popularity among the free job posting sites in India.

Basically, employers cannot post their job vacancies on LinkedIn. They have some other ways to use LinkedIn as a web portal to convey their message to the job seekers.

The employers or company having a LinkedIn registered account can create a user group and can do job posting for free. This job posting will be visible to all the members of that particular group.

In addition, you have the second option of status update feature in your LinkedIn profile. It is also available for a free job posting. Moreover, LinkedIn also offers recruitment app that allows registered users to apply for different jobs from their smartphones.


It is another online recruitment portal that offers free job posting in India. Further, it is quite beneficial for small to medium-scale enterprises to post their vacancies. Employers can post any kind of job on PostJobsFree. There are a number of categories available to the employers which they are looking for the candidates from.

Here you must consider that your job posting ad will be visible usually for 20 to 30 days from publishing. Further, it depends upon the category you chose to post a vacancy.

It is natural that it displays only fresh job postings on the first page. So, you need to repost your every vacancy after every 30 days. Then it will be promoted automatically to the top job postings. Understandably, PostJobsFree is one of the best and free job posting sites in India if you look for the native candidates for the position.


Here is the best job posting website in the form of WalkinsIndia that provides immense opportunities to both employers and candidates. It is the best online job portal for all size of business looking to hire people for different designations.

Sometimes, employers have no time to explore the scores and job applications of candidates. Here WalkinsIndia helps such kind of employers to get the right candidates from their favorite categories. Moreover, it provides fresher jobs that have completed their studies recently and want to experience the interview panels with their Curriculum-Vitae.

While posting a vacancy in this free job posting site, the employer will have to provide detailed information and description of the job, educational qualification and skills required. Similarly, the employer can also add Google map to elaborate the interview venue.


It is an America-based online job posting platform with a massive following in India and abroad. You have the option to post anything on Craiglist. Further, it answers the question as to how to post a job on Craiglist.

Moreover, Craiglist has a worldwide following and you have to be careful while drafting free job posting. It receives thousands of free job postings on a daily basis. So, you must be alert on selecting keywords for your job posting before proceeding further.

Final Conclusion

As we all know India is full of talents of both freshers and experienced people. Indian students are achieving higher in academics and wishing to be recruited in the top MNCs and national governmental companies. Therefore, the majority of them prefer to search for their dream job on these job posting sites.

Consequently, employers have incredible opportunities to hire the best candidates from the rush. They can post different types of jobs of different categories on these job posting websites. Quite often they find the talent much suitable for a particular designation in their company.

Both paid and free job posting sites are serving as a bridge between the job seekers and the company. Here they will interact with each other to meet out the purpose they have. You will enjoy the variety of features with most of the job posting websites. So, go ahead and post your requirements on any of these job posting sites.

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