50 Best ITI Courses in India

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. Today, we will discuss the best and top ITI courses that any candidate can opt for even after his or her 8th class. The ITI courses are available countrywide. It is a great campaign by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Directorate of General Employment and Training.

Need and Importance for ITI Courses in India

In countries like India, government jobs are very hard to achieve. There is a huge competition among the candidates to overtake each other in the vacancies list. Even sometimes well-qualified and fully-eligible candidates fail to get a job in government-run sectors. It has developed a sense of negativity among our youngsters.

Moreover, people prefer to have a career in the medical, engineering, lawyer, and some other high-level designations. These require a great potential and skills to build up chances for the job. Further, they need to crack tough competition exams of national level. But not all of them get their desired designation even after experiencing such tough situations.

ITI Courses are the Best for the Least Educated Youngsters

But on the other hand, if you do not have any higher educational degree, you can still get your dream job. The Indian government has launched a campaign against unemployment by offering jobs in various vocational fields. For the purpose, different ITI courses are being launched for the youngsters. They can take any of these ITI courses to sharpen their skills in the vocational industry. Moreover, these ITI courses are available even for 8th and 10th class pass students.

Usually, all ITI courses duration range from 1 to 2 years. But some of the technical ITI courses are available with 3 years duration. Further, the course fee is quite affordable in the government ITI training institutions.

Most importantly, these industrial training courses are not only meant for male candidates. Desiring women can also take these courses up to be independent economically. They can join their nearest industrial training institute to excel their skills in their favorite ITI course.

So, ITI courses are the great platforms by government to excel their skills in their favorite area. After completing their ITI course, they can join any company or they can also launch their own startup.

Top 50 ITI Courses in India

Now, coming to the point, let’s have a look at 50 best ITI courses I have compiled in the following list:


No need to explain the status and respect of electrician in India. You can choose ITI course in electrician if you have education up to 10th standard. The industry is lacking great and qualified electricians all the time.


ITI course in fitting can also be a great choice after your 10th. Usually, the course takes 2 years to complete.


It is one of the evergreen fields of employment. You can be a good carpenter after completing your minimum 2 years long ITI course in carpenter. Moreover, it requires minimum 10th to take up the program.

Foundry Man

It is among various types of ITI courses that be taken on the basis of 8th class. Even you do not need to have matriculation. The course will take only 1 year to complete and you can get employment very soon.

Book Binder

Book binder is also among the small duration ITI courses. In addition, it needs only 8th class qualification. The course is quite popular in Kerala and Maharashtra.


You can face tough competition while getting admission in this ITI course. The demand for a plumber is quite high. Moreover, the ITI courses in plumbing are available for 2 years and 3 years.

Top ITI Courses in India

Pattern Maker

It is another industry foundry course for you after your 8th class. Further, this ITI course is for 2 years but currently limited to only 5 states.

Mason Building Contractor

The ITI course in Mason is another great prospect one can get after 8th class. It is a one-year long course and you will get skills in building-related works like renovation, building a new house etc.

Advanced Welding

Welding is also a great ITI course with great demand in the industry. You can take this course after completing your 8th class. Further, you will get your diploma after 1 or 2 years as per your choice.


Further, you can take ITI course for wireman right after your 8th class. The jobs for wireman are easily available across the country. The course is for 1 year.

Sheet Metal Worker

More than 15 states in India are offering ITI courses for sheet metal worker. You will learn to repair metal products. Further, the minimum qualification for this ITI course is 8th class.

Tool and Die Maker

Tool and Die makers fall into the category of chemical engineering. You will learn how to use the things in your 1-year diploma in tool and die maker.


It is an ITI course in craftsman. Among other ITI courses, you can select this course in more than 6 states of the country. The course duration is 2 years and minimum educational qualification is 10th class.

Get your Dream Job after ITI Training

Welder Gas and Electric

Gas Welding is another among the popular ITI courses in India. Especially, in Maharashtra, you will get numerous colleges to take admission for the ITI course in welder gas and electric. In addition, you will have to be passed minimum 8th.


After completing your ITI course in turner, you can easily get a job in the companies like SAIL, GAIL, and Goa Shipyard etc. moreover, it is also among the 2 years duration ITI courses with a minimum 10th standard.

Advanced Tool and Die Maker

Well, this diploma is among the ITI courses that cost you 3 years of time. The minimum qualification is 10th class to take up this course. Further, you can get good job opportunities after this ITI course.

Painter General

The course does not mean for making portraits. You will learn to apply paint on hardware, finishing the surfaces, etc. in this ITI course after 8th class. Moreover, you will need to spend 2 years in 4 semesters to obtain a diploma in this prospect.


You can get superb job prospects after getting a diploma in machinist. First, complete your 10th class to take up this course of 2 years.

Draughtsman Mechanical

Draughtsman mechanical is another one of the ITI courses for those who wish to spend 2 years. Moreover, you need to have 10th class passed with science and math. The training after the course could be for 3 years to make your skills practically stronger.

Develop your Inbuilt Skills in Relevant ITI Course

Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance

This ITI course will impart the knowledge about machinery and equipment. Again, you need to 10th pass with science and math subjects. The diploma is about 2 years long with good job opportunities after that.

Mechanical Computer Hardware

It is another among the ITI courses which requires a little bit technical edge. Further, this ITI course in mechanical computer hardware can be 2 years or 3 years long.

Moreover, 10th class is a minimum requirement for this course that can be taken up in more than 15 Indian states.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner Mechanic

You will get a diploma certificate after spending 1 year in this ITI course. You need to be passed just 8th class and can be a good refrigerator and AC mechanic. Moreover, the job prospects are quite high after these kinds of ITI courses with technical knowledge.

Watch and Clock Mechanic

If you want to run your own shop of watches and wall clocks, take this 1 year long ITI course. You can make repairs to the damaged clocks in your small workshop along with selling the new products. Further, the course is available in Kerala for the students after their 8th.

Motor Vehicle Mechanic

Currently, this is one of the best ITI courses coming with high earning opportunities. You can have your own service station near your house. After your 10th, get a 2 years long course and build up your dream in the industry.

Moreover, you can easily get a job with reputed brands like Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj, Hero Honda etc.

Best ITI Courses are available after 8th, 10th and 12th Class

Machine Tool Maintenance

If you love machine tools, then you can take this ITI course after your 10th class with science and math. The 2 years course will get you with your dream job after spending the least fee amounts.

Radio and Television Mechanic

It can also be one of the best ITI courses for you if you want to be a TV and Radio mechanic. Moreover, you need to complete at least 16 years of your age along with your 10th class. Open your own repair center and enjoy your work.

Diesel Mechanic

If you want to earn a diploma in diesel mechanic, take this ITI course of 1 year after your 8th class.

Instrument Mechanic

This 2 years long diploma is also one of the greatest ITI courses for 10th pass candidates.

Chemical plant Mechanic

You will have to be 10th pass in order to take up this ITI course. After the course, you can get a job in a chemical plant. Further, the course duration is 2 years.

Architectural Draughtsman ship

It needs 3 years to complete an architectural draughtsman diploma after 10th class. Moreover, the higher job opportunities will remain with you after these types of popular ITI courses after 10th.

Metrology and Engineering inspection

This is the diploma course of 3 years that can be taken up after 10th class. The field is quite technical and you have to build sound technical capabilities to be successful after the course.

Industrial Training Courses in India

Electrical Maintenance

Well, it is another technical ITI course of the duration of 2 years. Numerous skills you will absorb during the course. Further, you can launch your own startup or can be employed by others.


You will learn to work on different types of metals during the ITI course in electroplater. Moreover, you must be 10th passed to take up this 2-year course.

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

The most demanded ITI course is only for 1 year. You will be able to handle computer programs after completing this course after your 10th class. Moreover, you will perform hardware, security, and codes related work in your job.

Moreover, you can go for this reputed course if you have an excellent base for computer technology.

Advanced Electronics

Advanced electronics is another one of the best choices of the students among various electric ITI courses. Your course will be full-completed in 2 years and you can get admission after your 10th with math and science subjects.

Electronic Mechanic

In the ITI course of Electronic, you will learn everything about electronic equipment. The course is based on 10th class with duration of 2 years.

Network Technician

If you want to explore your skills in network technologies, choose this course right after your 10th standard. Moreover, it is one of the shortest ITI courses with just duration of 6 months.

Top ITI Courses to be Self-Employed

Pre-Preparatory School Management Assistant

The ITI course in pre-preparatory school management assistant is 1 year long including 2 semesters. Further, you must have a certificate of 10th standard for applying for this course.

Principles of Teaching

It is one of the favorite ITI courses for women. You will learn basic teaching principles in this course. In addition, the diploma is 1 year long.

Secretarial Practice

In this particular ITI course, you will learn some technical work like typing, basic computer, receptionist skills etc. Moreover, minimum 12th or higher degree is required to get admission in this course.

Baker and Confectioner

It can be one of the self-employed ITI courses among all. You can go for your own bakery and confectionary shop after this amazing diploma course. It requires only 10th class and will end up in a year.

ITI Course in Cutting and Sewing

Yet another one of the best ITI courses for women. The minimum educational eligibility for this course is 8th standard. In addition, the course is for 1 year and available in almost all the Indian states. This ITI course can make you self-employed if you have the required potential and interest.

Hair and Skin Care

Women can also seek job opportunities in the field of hair, beauty and skin care. You just need to spend 1 year in this ITI course in hair and skin care. The course demands only 10th class pass candidates.

English Stenography

Under this ITI course, you will develop the skills like shorthand, reports, correspondence etc. Moreover, the course needs minimum 10th class and the course duration is 1 year.

A Number of ITI Courses are Available for Women Also


Now, it comes to another technical ITI courses. The full-time course is for 1 to 2 years long and required some technical skills to get a diploma.

Desktop Publishing Operator

The ITI course in desktop publishing operator is another technical course to learn great skills in desktop publishing. You will have to spend 1 year in 2 semesters to hold a diploma in this field.

Interior Decoration and Designing

It is another one of the best and self-employed ITI courses available after your 10th class. After taking this 1-year long diploma, you will get bright job prospects.

Heat Engine Automobile

Well, this course is not as popular as other, but you can try this ITI course if you have an interest in the automobile industry. It will take your only 1 year to complete the diploma.

Driver cum Mechanic Light Motor Vehicle

Similar to the above-mentioned course, this course will train you with some driving skills too. Moreover, it needs only 6 months to complete after your 10th class.


Finally, we have reached the last course in our list of 50 ITI courses in India. You can take up this course for surveyor if you have a 10th class qualification. Further, the course will cost you with one year of time.

Final conclusion

So, as you have seen that there are a huge number of ITI courses in India available after 8th, 10th, and 12th class. If you do not want to go for higher education degrees because of any reason, you can take any of these ITI courses. Moreover, the industrial training courses will provide you with the required skills and techniques. It will further make you capable of self-employed or employed by others.

In addition, there are various government initiatives helping the economically weaker students to take these kinds of practical training courses. The fee charges are quite affordable for each course. You can pick any one of them as per your interest and abilities. I am sure you can get your desired job or you will be able to open your own workshop after completing your course with full dedication.

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