List of MBA Courses in India

Master of Business Administration, popularly known as an MBA in short, is one of the most honorable post graduation course programs in management stream. Usually, it is a 2-year duration course that can be perused after any bachelor degree of minimum 3 years. Thousands of students opt for MBA courses in various streams every year with a goal to develop managerial skills. Further, it also helps them to have a professional career in business management.

MBA Courses

Many years ago, most of the Indians with an MBA degree were qualified from the foreign universities. But now the time has changed. The internet has helped a lot in the diversification of educational facilities. Today, various types of MBA courses are available across the globe and of course in India. Moreover, the Indian governments have also made initiatives to spread the distance education programs across the country. Ultimately, it has made it possible to take the higher degrees to the remote areas in the country.

Similarly, several foreign, government-run and private universities are offering MBA courses in various fields. Today, there is no dearth of B-schools in the country. You have numerous options to get this prestigious degree like direct college admission, online MBA courses or through distance education programs.

Some of the Best Business Schools in India

As we have talked earlier, there is a glut of educational institutions that are providing higher educational degrees for graduation and post-graduation programs. When it comes to MBA courses, then some of the most prestigious names that come to the mind are;

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIMs)
  • Symbiosis Institute, Pune
  • Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
  • Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  • Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras

Recently, the Indian institution of Technology (IIT) has also started offering MBA courses in various streams. Hence, it is clear that this master program is gaining demand over the years. Every year, new business startups are being launched in India. Accordingly, job and career options are at peak in the industry for MBA degree holders.

Various Types of MBA Courses

Now it is the time to describe you the various types of MBA courses of each stream and specialization. The most coveted and honorable business school- Indian Institution of Management is offering MBA courses in all the fields. You can check through the list of all the courses in detail.

Here is the list of MBA courses in India:

MBA Course in Decision Science

The stream of decision science is mainly formulated as per the current industry requirements. Today, business corporations need people with firm decision-making capabilities in the changing business prospects. They are looking to hiring candidates with exceptional analytical skills to make concrete decisions to solve unexpected problems erupted suddenly.

Accordingly, in your MBA course in decision science, you will learn various types of models and troubleshooting weapons to make the right decisions at the right time. Similarly, you will become handy to use various techniques and theoretical practices to make critical decisions at various corporate levels.

Further, an MBA in decision science is available at IIM.

Economics and Social Sciences

Under the stream of economics and social sciences of MBA course, one will learn economics subjects like micro economics, macroeconomics, international trade, national and international monetary policies and strategies, and various related prospects among others. Moreover, these MBA subjects will make you capable of understanding and executing various economic strategies and taking financial decisions.

Under this MBA course, you will work on the projects related to the development of various economic fields like agriculture, education, intellectual property rights, labor etc.

Best MBA Courses in India


This trade of MBA courses provides the students with innovative skills to transform their ideas into a business venture. This helps to impart the knowledge of the current business scenario and develop the ability to take risk-involved decisions. Building a commercial startup is not as easy as it seems. It requires certain qualities to lead the team of aspirants in order to run a business venture successfully.

An MBA in entrepreneurship is offered by several management institutions including IIMs, business schools across the country.

MBA in Information Systems

The candidates wishing to go for MBA courses in information technology will learn the advanced and the latest trends in the IT sector. They will gain knowledge of how the IT sector is impacting the business operations in a short and long-run.

Some of the major and important subjects you will learn are database management and administration, management of technology innovations, information system management, software project management etc.

Moreover, this MBA course enables the aspirants to develop their technical skills and use them to make the best practices of IT solutions in the business context. The course is available at all the top management and business schools.

Top and Reputed MBA Courses in India

MBA Course in Marketing

The marketing is the nerve system of the modern business domain. Companies focus on to make huge budgets to pay on their marketing activities. Ultimately, it produces great career options for you.

The trade of marketing under the MBA course is among the most in demand. From the modern business point of view, the marketing is the key area to focus. You can pursue your MBA course in Marketing if you are attracted to the sales and marketing functions.

Moreover, the MBA courses in marketing will give you further innovative skill development subjects like; studying consumer behavior, product management, marketing decisions and strategies, customer relationships, sales and distribution management etc.

Human Resource Management

There is also an MBA degree in HRM or Human Resource Management. The students will acquire various soft skills in the management of human resources and personnel. Moreover, they will learn to manage all sorts of people to make them work together at all managerial levels. Similarly, various types of job opportunity are there for HRM students. They will have to manage the workforce within the organization with a goal to achieve the specific targets.

Under the 2-year course, you will be taught the subjects like; individual behavior in the organization, human resource management, research methodology, economics of human resources, human resource information systems, and human resource planning and development etc.

Get your Specialized Degree in any Stream

Production and Operations Management

Production management is the key area in any business organization. Under the MBA courses in the stream of production and operations management, you will study the following subjects like; statistics of management, organizational behavior, human resource management, economic analysis for business, quality management, business research methods, project management, material management, and some other related topics.

The top management institutes are offering an MBA course in Production and Operations Management (POM). Some top names are Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur,   Sona School of Management, Salem, and all the IIMs across the country. You can join them to develop your skills in this master degree.

MBA Course in Public policy

After completing an MBA course in Public policy, one can join any government or private sector organization as a policy analyst. The major roles of the public analyst are to familiarize the public trends and systems to the global practices and then to make concrete policies as per the public responses.

The MBA subjects will be innovations and leadership in public management, US public policy process, economic analysis for public policy, advanced policy management process, and ethics in public management etc.

The main focus is to assess public response to the leadership. Moreover, one can work as a researcher, environment consultant, public policy manager, welfare officer etc.

You can get admission in IIMs, TERI University, Delhi, IIMA, Ahmadabad, MDI, Gurgaon etc.

Be a Part of the Management in your Favorite Industry

Strategic Management

Several prestigious institutions are providing the aspirants with an MBA degree in Strategic Management subjects. The important subjects you will learn are quantitative methods, managerial economics, financial accounting, marketing strategies, supply chain management, economic environment of business, information technology management, and project management etc.

The career prospective is quite shining under this stream. The expert strategic manager will lead all types of organizations by addressing the issues related to financial, legal, material, and political on a daily basis. The annual salary may range between INR 4 lacs and 15 lacs.

MBA Course in Hospitality and Tourism Management

You can have a brilliant career in the tour and travel industry after completing your post-graduation course in tourism management. Especially in India, this particular field is observing a wide range of investments and growth which ultimately keep a great career point for you.

You will study principles of management policies, and practices of tourism, tourism resources and products, tourism management information system, travel consultancy and tour operations, managerial communication etc. under your MBA degree in hospitality and tourism management.

Further, the course will consist of semester exams, industry visits, seminars, internships, and project researches etc.

Post-Graduate Degree in MBA Course

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The career and job opportunities are high in India if you want to get an MBA course in Supply Chain Management.

Under the course, you will know your skills to solve managerial problems at all organizational levels. Further, you will be capable of handling critical business problems, conducting smooth traveling of the products and services from the manufacturer to the end customers. You will have to build and maintain great relationships with the person outside the organization line competitors, customers, public, government, and other external entities.

The course is of 2-year duration and can be joined after fulfilling the basic admission requirements of different institutions.

Food and Agricultural Business Management

Indian economy is totally based on agriculture. Hence, there is a great need for post-graduates in the agri-business. You can have a tremendous career in this field after your MBA course in Agriculture Business Management.

The course will impart the knowledge about food production, crop cultivation, and various other related agricultural activities.

Moreover, you will get job opportunities in the companies of the sectors like; food production companies, public and private sector, farming industry, retail industry, and marketing industry etc.

General Management

Moreover, you can take an MBA course as a general management syllabus. It does not focus any particular industry to make the aspirants specializing in. the 2-year MBA course will cover general study for the 1st year and then provides you with the option to choose your favorite subjects.

MBA in general management is a very common type of this post-graduate program. Almost all the top B-schools and management institutions are delivering this course to the candidates.

There are a Number of Specialized Fields for you under an MBA Course

Master of Business Administration in Law

A post-graduation Course in Law is among the best and most demanded MBA courses in India. Along with all the other segments and industries, you can sharpen and benefit your skills in the legal area. Further, this MBA course will also take 2 years to complete.

There are many management institutions that are offering MBA degree in Law. The NMIMS, Mumbai can be considered first to join this post-graduate degree.

This course will provide the students to necessary tools and study subjects to enhance their skills in business management and business laws. You will learn different aspects related to how business can be flourished in collaboration with different kinds of laws and regulations.

Pharmaceutical Management

The medicinal sector in India is diversifying across the country. It needs excellent aspirants to handle the emerging challenges in the industry. The industry welcomes the new and experienced MBA degree holder in pharmaceutical management.

Being among the biggest industry in India, the pharmaceutical industry can be a big base for your career. You can earn a 2-year MBA degree in the respective field and launch a successful career. Similarly, the course will develop your troubleshooting skills in the medical industry for managerial positions.

Social Entrepreneurship

This is another managerial program to develop entrepreneur skills at managerial levels. The MBA course will serve you as a base to gain analytical skills to handle and solve the complexities within the organization.

Various management institutions are accepting the candidates for this course. You can have to clear the preliminary exam entrance tests before engaging in the course. Once again, the NMIMS in Mumbai is offering full-time MBA course in social entrepreneurship. Further, you can get a respectful and honorable position in any organization after developing required skills through this course.

An MBA is an All-about Management in all the Industries

MBA in Family Business Management

Yet, it is another unique 2-year post-graduate curse program to help the family businesses against the new industry-based challenges. You will learn exceptional management skills to carry on your in-hand family business to the desired position.

Further, it helps aims at providing full assistance to the students to overtake critical problems faced in a long-run. Similarly, it acts as a bridge between the family business owners and managers.

Usually, the course demands a bachelor degree from any recognized university with aggregate marks of 50%. In addition, you must have 2-year working experience in the field.

Airline and Airport management

The aviation sector in India is propelling at a rapid pace. It produces a huge job and career opportunities for the desiring candidates. Likewise, you can choose an MBA course in Airport Management.

One thing to note is that there are only a few institutions in India that are providing these kinds of MBA courses to the students. One of the reputed names that come to the mind is Kasturi Institute of Management, which is working in collaboration with Bharathiyar University of Coimbatore.

Moreover, you also have the option to carry forward the course on a part-time basis too. Governments are initiating to develop many new airports across the country. They need a qualified candidate to handle their issues on all the managerial levels.

Similarly, the syllabus for this MBA course will include Airport Financial Management, Air Traffic Management and Control Systems, Airlines and Carrier Operations Management, Airport Support Services and Facilities, and Airport Operations Management etc.

There are a Number of B-Schools and IIMs Offering an MBA Course

Real Estate Construction and Management

This is among the top and best MBA courses in India. You will get an amazing platform to create your technical and management credentials necessarily required in the real estate business.

The candidates can select this area of specialization in order to develop their career in this sector. The course offering universities are few in numbers in India. You can visit Mumbai-based NMIMS to get admission in this program.

The course will cover the topics like; Introduction to Real Estate, Quantitate Techniques, Introduction to Urban Planning, Marketing Management and some practical research on projects.

Recently Emerged MBA Courses in India

Apart from the above-mentioned specialization courses, there are some newly entered MBA courses in India. Because of the diversification of the Indian economy, the educational institutions are designing new concept-based management courses to produce the qualified managers and desired candidates.

Some of the new MBA courses are:

Hospital and Healthcare Management

No doubt, it is the biggest area that required specialized people to manage the things, during the last 3 to 4 years; this area has seen a glut of job and career opportunities. Especially in countries like India, the health issues are obtaining the attention to deep concern.

You can launch a great career in hospital and healthcare management after receiving your post-graduation degree in the respective field. Further, there are some areas for you to work in like hospital management, health insurance, clinical research and management, wellness industry, medical consultancies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Symbiosis Institute of Health Science based in Pune is one of the best Institutes offering this course.

IIMs are specially Established for Management Courses


When it comes to telecom services, India is surprisingly standing at the 2nd spot in the world. You can imagine the glut of jobs this particular industry can provide to the deservers. According to the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Association), there will 4.1 million jobs be available to the candidates with a post-graduation degree in this respected trade by 2020.

Similarly, you can develop your skills in this specialization by opting one of the MBA courses in India. The top name for this course is the MIT School of Technology.

Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

Today, we are observing a digital age. So, there would be endless job and career options in the digital marketing industry. Because of the evolution of the digitization, the companies prefer to hire digital marketers to make their brand name across the world. Hence, you can have a brilliant career in this industry.

Similarly, social media marketing is the need of today for every business startup. You have to expand the brand image over the social media channels. Creating public relations and engaging them into the products and services over social media platforms, gathering information and public opinions to shape the future policies are some of the major tasks for social media marketers.

Event Management

It is another among the newer MBA courses in India. The event management sector is growing fast in India. Accordingly, the educational institutes are very few that are providing a professional degree in this particular field.

There are numerous event management companies priding these services. So, you can build a great career if you are interested in this stream. Moreover, you can take this MBA course on a part-time study basis with some institutions.

Facts and figures about MBA Course in India

Here we are providing some facts and figures that you should consider before enrolling into any of the MBA courses:

  • There are around 6000 educational institutions across India providing MBA course programs. It is a sum of private universities, governmental universities, and foreign universities.
  • Not only 2-year, but there are also some institutions that are providing 4-year MBA courses as well.
  • The candidates can also take an MBA course from home through Distance Education Program.
  • Usually, an MBA course will cost you Rs. 1,50,000 to 500,000. It depends upon the institute you choose.
  • The top-20 educational institutes are capturing the biggest number of students for different MBA courses.
  • As per an estimate, around 500,000 students every year enroll for all types of MBA courses.

Employment Rate for MBAs

Now it has been clear that India produces a huge number of MBAs every year. But as per a report by ASSOCHAM in 2017, some disappointing facts are there regarding employment opportunities in India:

The report says that:

  • Even less than 10% MBA holders get employment.
  • The job seekers after MBA get the job only at an average salary of Rs. 10,000 per month.
  • Moreover, the quality of MBA courses in India is rather poor.
  • Only MBA degree holders from the honorable B-schools and institutes get the excellent job offers in the industry.

No doubt, you will have to take an MBA course in any specialization if you want a prestigious career in business management. Various types of industrial fields are there you can specialize in. moreover, getting quality and practical knowledge about the field is of prominent importance to establish a great career in the future.

In India, you will have to be careful while selecting your university or B-school for your MBA course. Consider the study level, quality, and recognition on an international level of your institution. Not all the institutes are giving you the job-oriented MBA courses. You will have to make extra efforts to put yourself in the domain. Otherwise, it will result in money, efforts, and time waste.

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