20 Best Sites for Online Survey Jobs

Today, here I have come up with a list of trending online survey jobs sites which can pay you $200 to $1000 per month.

There are numerous survey sites offering you the ways to make money online, but only a few of them are genuine and trustworthy. In this article, I will show you with the best 20 sites for survey jobs. Further, you can easily make $1 to $20 for completing every survey.

Digitalization has made it possible to earn money from home. Unlike traditional jobs, now we can work from home to add extra income to our pocket. There are various online earning methods through which we can make a handsome fortune. Online surveys are one of them which we can perform online very easily. Moreover, you also have no need to make any investment for these online survey jobs.

What is a Survey?

Before moving further, here I just want to give brief detail about what is a survey and what is the purpose of it. After that, I will describe to you what are online survey jobs and then provide you with the best and genuine online survey jobs websites.

So, surveys are basically a collection or set of some (usually 10 to 15) questions with four options in answer. The users have to choose their favorite option as an answer to each question. Hence, there is nothing to write in detail.

Generally, surveys are offered by various Multi-National Companies (MNCs). The reason behind is to know the taste of the consumers and to produce the exact product as per the consumers’ tastes.

Means, big business corporations conduct surveys to know what consumers actually need and what their demands are. They prepare a document containing 10 to 15 questions related to consumer behavior and their needs. Generally, this document is called as Questionnaire. Further, the process of getting answers to these questions is known as Survey.

Therefore, these surveys help the businesses to find the taste of the consumers and then produce or modify the existing products as per the requirements. Ultimately, it enhances the sales and profits of that particular company.

What are Online Survey Jobs?

Now let’s try to know what the online survey jobs are and how you can earn money from surveys.

In the online survey jobs, you will have to click your favorite answer for each question given in the survey. It will be a set of 10 to 15 questions and take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Some questions even have the options of YES or NO. Likewise, the questions can be about your age, lifestyle, family, education, hobbies, your location, and your opinion about a particular product. 

Hence, surveys are very easy online jobs to perform and you never need to provide the details by typing.

One can earn a good income by taking online survey jobs from home. A number of websites are there providing survey jobs, but you have to be careful while selecting one. Some fraud companies are asking for a registration fee. Just ignore them and go for only free survey websites.

Top 20 Websites for Online Survey Jobs

As we have discussed above, top MNCs hire marketing research agencies to organize surveys for their products. So, these marketing research companies are also known as online survey sites. The time has gone when traditional surveys methods were followed. But today, companies are conducting online surveys to make it time-saving and cost-effective.

 You have to register for these survey websites if you want to make money online through surveys. Just complete your given task and earn extra income in your spare time.

Here is the list of best Online Survey Jobs websites:


It is one of the most popular and trending platform that offers easy survey jobs from home. In fact, it is the only web portal where you can do the survey work for many companies.

Thousands of people are working on surveys on this platform. Just sign up on ClixSense and start making money.

When you sign up on this survey website, you will get a confirmation email to validate your account. Further, regularly visit this site and complete the survey tasks available at that time. You need to spend just 20-30 minutes to make good earning through surveys.

Moreover, ClixSense pays the users via multiple options Payoneer, Neteller, and Skrill etc.


Further, NeoBux is another online survey jobs website to earn money from home. Basically, NeoBux is a Pay through Click (PTC) website and online surveys is among the other ways to make money online.

There are numerous ways to earn money from NeoBux. Get yourself registered on this website and start taking the tasks. You can earn through surveys, by clicking ads, playing games, and many other small jobs.

Global Test Market

It is one of the oldest online platforms to make money by completing surveys and various other tasks. Even you can get paid up to $5 for each completed survey.

Further, Global Test Market is paying more than $32 million to its global users. You can earn market points and redeem them later when you required.


Here you will get regular online survey jobs. Complete sign up formalities and get an instant bonus of $5. Apart from surveys, you can also make money on Swagbucks by online shopping, watching videos and searching web etc.

When you have sufficient amount, you can redeem your points to get gift cards from Amazon or you can also request cash from PayPal.

So, here we have enlisted top 4 online survey websites from the list of 20 survey web platforms. These are the most popular and trending websites with millions of users worldwide.

Now, we are going to enlist the names of other 16 online survey jobs websites. These portals also have a massive customer base around the world. You can join them too to make extra income. Explore them one by one and find out the suitable option.

Here is the list of 16 survey websites:

Star Panel



Panel Place

India Speaks

Brand Institute

Permission Research

Planet Pulse




The panel Station



The Harris Poll Online

Socratic Forum

So, these are the other 16 websites for survey jobs where you can work from home. Now I will try to answer your some of the frequently asked questions as below:

How many surveys these websites are providing to the users?

Simply, it depends upon your location, your education, your marital status, and some other factors. Usually, you will receive 20-50 surveys per month from all these online survey jobs websites.

How much I can earn from online surveys?

Generally, users generate Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 per month. But your income depends upon your profile, the number of sites you work on and how many surveys you complete per month.

Here another suggestion for you is that you can also join PTC sites to make additional income. The PTC sites can give you another Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 for watching ads.

What are the methods to receive the money?

It is good if you already have a PayPal account. Most of the websites pay through PayPal. If you do not have, create one for free and add your bank account. Now you will be able to receive money from PayPal to any of your bank accounts.

Final Words

So, these are the ways to make money through online survey jobs. Not all the surveys jobs providing companies are genuine. But this list of 20 survey jobs websites is fully trusted and certified. You can join multiple of these to make more income.

The jobs are easy and simple. You can easily manage your current job or business while working on these survey websites. So, make your sign up and start making money from home.

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