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Today, in this part, we will discuss the top and highest paying PTC sites from across the world. Every one of us wants to make some extra income along with his current job or business. Hence, they also prefer online jobs from home to work in their spare time. They want to save their traveling time going to the office and other expenses as well.

Here in this article, I will give you the best home based online jobs that are called PTC. First of all, let me describe you what PTC stands for and how you can work on these sites. PTC stands for Paid to Click. Therefore, it means PTC sites are the websites on which you can earn money by clicking and reading ads of different companies.

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There are hundreds of PTC sites which are offering you the home-based work. You just have to sign up with these websites to join the work. But in this article, I will provide you only the best, genuine and highest paying PTC websites. So, let’s move further without wasting time anymore and know the best online platform to earn through click and read ads.

Best (Paid to Click) PTC Sites

Here is the list of top 4 ad clicking job websites that you can join to earn huge income in your spare time. Further, these websites include simple and easy tasks to be completed in around 1 to 2 hours. Surprisingly, no higher educational qualification is required to perform this work from home jobs.

Here is the list of best PTC sites as under:


ClixSense is one of the best and my favorite PTC sites. Thousands of people are earning millions of dollars by working on ClixSense. Moreover, the work is so simple that even an illiterate person can perform the duty very efficiently.

It is quite simple and easy to join ClixSense. Here are the few steps you have to follow if you really want to join clixSense:

  • Just go to the official website link and fill the sign-up form.
  • Once you fill up the form with asked information, you will receive a confirmation link in your valid mailbox. Just go to your email and click on that link to verify your account.
  • Now, login to your clixSense account with your username and password and complete your profile with the required information.

Here I want to inform you that almost all the PTC sites will pay you through Payza. You will receive money against your work in your Payza account and further you can transfer this income to your bank account.

If you do not have a Payza account, you can create one following some simple steps. So, clixSense is the top and one of the highest paying PTC sites at present.


Further, NeoBux is another great PTC site for worldwide users. The work is simple and you can earn money online very easily through NeoBux. Moreover, it pays the workers through several payment options. You can claim your income anytime you need.

NeoBux is paying the users with $0.02 for every single ad click. But the amount can be more than $1 if you are from the tier 1 country. A number of ads are provided on NeoBux on a regular basis.

Good news is that you will also receive 1 point for each click and 4 adprize chances as well.

Similarly, the users can also receive short tasks from CrowdFlower in NeoBux and they can complete them to earn more.

The best thing with NeoBux is that it provides several offer walls like TrialPay, Matomy etc. to its users. The coins can be converted into money instantly. Further, you can get higher rates while converting the coins in a bulk. The points can be used to get golden membership and many other similar services.

Similarly, the users at NeoBux can get free lottery system in which you can win a lucky prize with every advertisement view. The prize money may range from $0.25 to $50, and free golden membership plan for 1 year.

Along with, NeoBux also provides a referral system to its users. Hence, you can earn extra income by referring to the plans to your friends and relatives.

So, as you have seen, NeoBux is one of the best offer-full PTC sites that you can join to win extra benefits.


Do you look for the top and genuine PTC sites to work on? RebelPrize is the best option for you. Further, it offers multiple options to make money online to the users.

You can follow simple steps to join RebelPrize. You will get a confirmation email in your email box. Just go and verify it to proceed with the work.

Login to your RebelPrize member area and go to the Earn tab to find various earning options for you. Similarly, you have to check and complete the listed tasks against points. Later, you can convert these points into rewards, gifts, and PayPal cash.

Moreover, you can also click on the ‘WIN’ button in order to get the chances to win raffles, contests, and lucky numbers etc.

Similarly, one more way to pay through RebelPrize is a referral. You can make extra money by referring it to your friend circle or relatives as well. Hence, RebelPrize is one of the most popular and great PTC sites that pays you through multiple work options.


Paidverts is a new website that is gaining popularity day by day. People are posting good reviews about Paidverts that shows its trustworthiness and reliability.

Further, there are some tricks to work on this PTC website. As usual, you have to join this website first. After that, you have to watch BAP ads to collect BAP points. Now these BAP points will be converted to paid ads on the very next day. You have to watch these paid ads to generate cash of it.

Similarly, here are some other tricks as below:

You can watch all the 16 BAP ads on a daily basis.

Further, you can check and watch paid ads after 8-12 hours of watching BAP ads.

You can buy ad pack and it will be beneficial for you. You will not only get $1.5 worth ads but you can also promote your banner and affiliate link on your website if you have any.

Hence, you can also earn a good income by referring the Paidverts. Therefore, you can these PTC sites to help your budget all the way.

How to earn a great income through different PTC sites?

Speaking honestly, PTC sites cannot fetch you that amount of money in your spare time. The reason behind is that the ads are very limited and you cannot watch more ads than the website is providing.

But still, there are some great ways to make a handsome income from PTC websites. Therefore, you can read the following:

First, view all the ads daily. You have to be punctual about watching ads on a daily basis. Make it a habit of your routine.

Make some hard efforts in referring the sites. Bring your affiliate link to your friends, relatives, and other known persons. Spread your link as much as you can to multiply your income figures.

Thirdly, you can take premium membership plans. It will make your income just double. You will get not only double commission but double amount from referrals also.

Final Conclusion

In the end, I will suggest you that the present era of technology has multiple ways to make money online and offline as well. Moreover, millions of people are generating billions of dollars by taking online jobs from home.

Similarly, PTC sites have also the potential to pay you with a decent amount of money if you are ready to spend some amount of time. The work is simple and can be done from home without making any initial investment.

But the serious thing is that you have to be very careful before joining any of the PTC sites. Presently, there are thousands of fake websites you will have to be careful of. They ask for a registration fee and try to allure you with grand income. Never pay a penny to anyone. Genuine PTC websites never ask for a registration fee.

So, go ahead and start making money online through PTC sites. Moreover, you can join multiple websites to make more money.

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