30 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Do you want your own business in India? Here we are trying to answer your question by providing top 30 small business ideas list. These businesses are easy to operate and you also do not require a large amount of investment. Moreover, it also does not need a wide space to perform business activities in most of the cases.

It is almost everyone’s dream to have own business. India is a country of possibilities for youngsters to make their fortune in various sectors. Along with online work, they can also see their future in a small scale business. Most importantly, some of the businesses are home-based. But some requires little investment and some space for operations.

Make a Strategic plan before Launch

Planning is very crucial and important part of any task. Just plan out well before making the steps to any of the businesses. Explore the market for the product demand and supplies you are going to offer. In addition, take feedback from the people about the product you are about to launch.

These are some basic and preliminary steps you must follow to establish your business well. On the other hand, if you proceed without any strong planning, you may experience a loss and it will demotivate you for future.

So, just pay some time to go through one by one of the best 30 small business ideas. It will be a great help to you because you can select any one of them as per your interest and resources.

These business ideas are creative and can be started without making huge investments. Start with small and gradually improve your skills for more profitability.

Here is the list of small business ideas as undermentioned:

Mobile Phone Repair, Accessories and Recharge

India is a country of technology lovers. A huge portion of Indian population especially youngsters are very keen to use mobile phones. This figure will ever go up in the future. Hence, there can be huge success possibilities in the business of mobile phone repair.

There would be a huge need for more mobile outlets and mobile mechanics. Additionally, you can recharge the mobile accounts and sell mobile accessories as well.

Tiffin Service

Meal or tiffin service can also be a great home based business. You can start right from your kitchen and start making a great income from it. Further, it will be a great small business ideas for women. They do not need to take special training to cook the food.

You can start with a few dishes and expand it gradually. Sell your food to offices and homes and create side by income easily.

Network Marketing

It is also called Multi-Level marketing or Chain marketing. Nowadays, network marketing is a very popular and one of the famous small business ideas. You have to make tie up with some recognized brands and start promoting and selling their products. Before engaging in, just navigate the market to create an idea for the products with the most demand.

Moreover, you can also generate extra income by referring your friend circle to the plan. If you have strong social links with people, then it can be a great small home based business idea for you.


Childcare is one of the best small business ideas for women. Although it requires some initial investment to buy toys, cribs and other materials, but the returns could be very high.

In addition, you can start it from your home or premises on rent. This business idea is expelling day by day as with the increasing number of working couples. They do not take their babies to their job location. Here they need childcare centre to leave the babies in caring and safe hands.

Mobile Garage-One of the Best Small Business Ideas

Mobile garage or walking garage can also be one of the best small business ideas for men. We all have cars and motorcycles. If they face some problem in the middle of the road and there is no mechanic nearby, then what we will do? Here only a mobile garage can help us.

The men with excellent knowledge in car, scooter, and motorcycle repairing can adopt this small business idea. You should have a car and mobile phone to provide the services to your clients at their location.  Further, you just need to make some investment in tools as well.

Fish Aquarium Business

Among other small business ideas, this is another with most demand nowadays. If you have some basic knowledge to handle various kinds of fishes, then this business is for you.

It is a concept that can be started with low investment. Moreover, you can start it right from your home. It is in fashion to give aquariums in the gifts. Along with, you can sell fish feed, air pumps, and other small fish pots to make more profits.

Nursery and Gardening Equipment

Today, people are becoming aware environment. So, they seek to grow plants in their agricultural lands and homes as well. Starting a nursery could be a great small business idea from home. You can start a home nursery with a little investment.

In addition, you can sell various kinds of flower plants, fruit plans, and other gardening equipment. In addition, you can make more income with seeds, fertilizers etc.

Manufacture and sell Jams, Pickles, and Sauce

Excellent smallbusiness idea for women. Start your own home based business in your kitchen. Manufacture Jams, sauce, pickles, and ketchup at home and capture huge income.

Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health. They always look for chemical-free and healthy eatables near to their home. Hence, this business idea can be a great income source for those who are passionate about these items. Moreover, you do not need extra space to run this business. Further, it also requires the least investment at starting level.

The Business of Stamps and Coins

Surprisingly, this business is not as popular in India as in abroad. But you can still make a great margin with this low investment business idea.

All you need to register with postal departments of various countries. They will send you the postal stamps, which can further earn you huge profits on sales. Moreover, there are separate bureaus for coins run by governments. You can sell these traditional coins and stamps to the passionate people.

Pet Care

Surprisingly, pet care is one of the small business ideas which can earn you a massive income. If you are well versed with pets, then go for this home-based small business idea immediately.

This has become a fashion to have a pet at home. But whenever we have to visit somewhere, we worry about our pet care. Hence, pet caring services are seeking higher demands in society. Further, it does not require huge investment at a starting level. You can start at your home and generate great income.

Fragrant Candles

It is a creative business idea that you can go for. People also use these kinds of fragrant candles for meditation and relaxation. Invest a little amount and start an attractive fragrant candle making business at home.

Moreover, fragrant oils are easily available in the market. You can work on thesehome based smallbusiness ideasto make candles of different shapes, designs, and sizes.

Bakery Items

Bakery business is also propelling at a speed. Today, people always look for tasty, healthy, and instant bakery items. You can fulfill their orders working at home. A little investment is required to start the business of bakery. In addition, you can manufacture cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies etc.

This home based smallbusiness idea can make a huge income during the marriage season. Bakery items are always in demand. Similarly, these are the forever products and as an entrepreneur, you can see a bright future in it.

Ice Cubes

Maybe it will be a new and strange business idea for you. But for your kind information, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India have prescribed certain rules and regulation. Accordingly, all the restaurants now will have the need to maintain their eatable in ice cubes to prevent damages.

Hence, it has a good future as a business. You can start it on a small scale. For it, you will have to be approved by the FSSAI.

Travel Services

Traveling keeps great importance in our life. Accordingly, we often all have to travel somewhere. Therefore, it would be one of the great home based small business ideas for you. Offer traveling services to your clients in the form of ticket reservation, hotel booking, and various related services.

Moreover, you can tie up with giant traveling services providers to offer them the customers. Further, you can make reservations for distant hotels and other tourist places.

Imported Products

Whenever Indian visitors return from a foreign trip, they bring some kind of goods with them to sell them in India. They do so to diminish their tour costs.

Hence, you can make it as a business. There is a craze for foreign goods among the Indians. So, this thing can fetch you a huge income.

Medical Sample Collection

The medical testing labs always need for sample collectors to collect blood, stool, urine, and sputum samples from the house of the patient. Hence, it can also be a part-time job for you. Make contact with some of the medical laboratories near you. Further, you can adopt this work on a part-time basis as well.

After collecting the sample from the patients’ home, you have to submit it to the respected laboratory. Further, they will test on that sample and issue test report. Again, you have to deliver the test report to the patients’ home.

For this job, you will need for a vehicle, an agreement with laboratories and of course knowledge about extracting the blood sample.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Some people have emotional attachments with their old furniture. They cannot bear any distance from it. Whenever it gets damages, they look for a mechanic to repair it instead of replacing it. Hence, you can find a business opportunity here. If you have required skills, you can go for this one of the easiest smallbusinessideas for sure.

Restoring furniture is such a complex task and you have to adopt excellent skills. In addition, you can also hire a craftsman to do the work at the home of the customer.

CCTV and Surveillance Camera

Nowadays, people are becoming safety conscious. They want to protect themselves and their families against theft, rape, and other miss-happening. Hence, there are installing cameras in homes and offices as well.

Therefore, due to the increasing popularity and demand for such CCTV cameras, you can select this low investment small business idea of great returns.

Party Services

In India, people arrange parties on various occasions. They hold parties on marriage functions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Here you can offer various types of party services to the customers.

You have the options of the decoration of venues, conducting fun games, presenting mascot, packing of return gifts, and many more. Offering party services can be a grand business in India.

Provide Address Verification Services

This could be an amazing business idea for you if you find interesting to verify the addresses. Nowadays, banks, loan providing companies, and other financial institutions need to verify the exact location or address of the customers. They do this to prevent fraud and defaults. For it, they look to hire people who can verify the address of the customers for them.

To perform the duty, you need to have a vehicle and some manpower to make it a large and profitable business. Moreover, it is a low investment business Idea you can take to make extra income.

Make Religious Items at Home

India is a country of people of different religious faiths. There are numerous religions in the country. Accordingly, they always need some special religious items like pictures of Deities, cotton wicks for a lamp, prayer beads, candles, and other stuff. Remember, there is no shortage of customers for these items in India.

You can make excellent income through this low investment home based business Idea. Start from your home and make your fortune.

The Business of Postal Labeling and Sorting

It is another low investment business idea for you that can be easy to perform. Banks, Indian Post always look for service providers who can do this duty. Under it, you have to label the bulk mails with addresses and have to sort them according to the PIN code.

Further, you will be required a vehicle to collect the mails and some manpower to perform the tasks. Moreover, this is a low investment business idea that you can think of.

Make Income through Walking Tour Business

If you are from a city or town with various tourist places, then this can be a great low investment smallbusiness idea for you.

Visitors from foreign countries always need a guide to visit the local places in India by walking through the streets and roads. You can help them here.

Moreover, you also need to have a minibus or other vehicle to take your visitors to other places of great attraction.

Work as a Caregiver

In India, you can also make money by providing care services to indisposed and needy senior citizens at their homes or at hospitals. Further, it is a low investment business that you can start very easily.

In the present scenario, the relatives of senior citizens are busy in work and they have no time for their elders. Hence, they hire caregivers to look after their elders. Further, you can carry on this business by employing unemployed men and women in this business.

Produce and Sell Soya Products

Today, people are turning to soya products in a search of healthy and pure eatables. Therefore, you can choose this low investment business idea that can be performed at home.

Different soya products such as soya milk, Tofu, soya butter, soya curd, soya flour, and soya chunks have a great demand these days. Likewise, most of our population is going to be vegan. Hence, you have a huge customer base for your business. Further, it requires a little space at home and some amount of investment.

Produce Unique Ice Creams

Have you ever taste an ice cream made of tomato or capsicum? Your answer may probably be No. Surprisingly, these unique ice creams are in fashion nowadays. Hence, it can also be one of the unique small business ideas you have ever heard.

Set up some arrangements to produce these kinds of ice creams of unique flavors. Correspondingly, there is a huge demand for these products. A little investment is required to convert this home based business idea into reality.

Buy and Sell Used Laptops

Laptops and personal computers have become the necessity of our daily life. Therefore, some people look to sell their old laptops and buy another with the latest features and configurations. If you have some basic knowledge about these technology items, then just go for low investment small business ideas.

It can be a huge income source to buy old laptops, make refurbishing them and sell to the audience.

Signboard Manufacturing

Hundreds of business setups are being launched every year. They all need signboards to indicate their products and services they are offering. There is a thrust for attractive and customer friendly signboards which clearly present the information to the readers.

You can think about this low investment business idea if you have creative and innovative skills. Further, you can manufacture and supply signboards of all types, sizes, and lucrative designs.

Supply Manpower to the Organizations

Some establishments like restaurants always face the problem of less manpower. Therefore, you can earn a great income by fulfilling their need.

Sometimes the employees take sudden leave and thereafter it becomes difficult to handle the customer orders. If you possess some manpower to help them, just go for these kinds oflow investment small business ideas.

Moreover, there is also a great need for manpower for cleaning home occasionally. You can generate a big business stand in manpower services.

Stationary Supplier

This is an evergreen business that can provide you with a handsome income on a regular basis. Schools, colleges, banks, and other institutions always required stationery items on a daily basis.

Here you can overcome their daily requirements by providing stationery items like pens, papers, envelops, business cards, letterheads, and other stuff.

This is one of the best low investment small business ideas. Further, it also does not require special qualifications.


Finally, the choice is up to you. You can select your favorite business idea, search on it and gather requires information before launching it. Surely, it will help you to reduce the chances of failures in the future.

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