18 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

Are you tired of searching for the best ways to earn money online? You do not need to worry all about. In this article, we are elaborating you the top and certified 18 ways to make money online. You can work from home on these money making ideas. Moreover, there is no investment required for these online jobs from home.

Making money online is not a dream now. One can really make handsome income by doing some simple online jobs without any investment. Help your budget to carry on the daily expenses.

Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

Best 18 Ways to Earn Money Online

The internet has made it possible for the unskilled and less-qualified persons to earn money online. Further, it doesn’t require any kind of higher educational qualification or other technical knowledge. You just need some basic knowledge about the internet and computer system.

So, don’t waste time anymore and pay some attention to the following topics. This is a great collection of ideas to earn money online. Likewise, you can select any of the ideas as per your time and skills.

Check out the following list and start your journey to capture more income:

Earn Money Online with Surveys

Filling online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You just need to select the answer of your choice. Hence, there is nothing to write in it. Your income will range between $5 to $20 depending upon your time, profile, and your country.

Usually, a single survey takes 5 to 20 minutes varying company to company. You will have to provide your opinion and reviews about the products and services of the related company.

Earning through Blogging

It is one of my favorite ideas to earn money online. Today, millions of people are generating great income via blogging. It takes some dedicated efforts in the starting but yields you great success in the end.

Create your blog or website and share your views and thoughts of your interest. After having an optimum audience on your blog, you can apply for the Google AdSense program. They will allow you to post different ads on your site and earn money online for every click the visitor made on the ads.

Read Ads on PTC websites

If you have much amount of time, then you can earn money online through PTC sites. There are a number of PTC websites providing the clients with an opportunity to make money online by clicking and watching the ads for 20 to 30 seconds.

This is a great way to make money very easily without investing any amount of money. Just sign up for some websites and start earning money online from home.

Captcha Solving Job

It is another one of the best and easy home paying jobs. No need for additional qualification and investment. You can make a good income by working as a Captcha solver for websites.

Similarly, you have to read the Captcha images and enter the same alphabets in the box. Your earning will range from $2 to $5 for every 1000 captcha you enter. Hence, it can be a great way for you to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing

With an effect of digitization, affiliate marketing is growing very fast. If you are serious to earn money online, then it could be a great source for you. Some efforts may yield you with a huge income to your pocket. Moreover, no need to make any investment to start affiliate marketing.

You can sign up with some online shopping websites to promote their products on your blog or website. They can pay your 4 to 20% commission for every purchase people made through your blog or website. No doubt, it is one of the most trending online jobs from home.

Earn Online Money through Freelancing

Freelancing is among the top and burning ways to make money online with or without investment. You have several ready platforms with clients to sell your services. Some of the most popular online platforms are Upwork, freelance.in, workhire, and many more websites.

Moreover, you can serve your clients with your specialties like content writing, SEO, web design, data entry; digital marketing etc. people will hire you after reviewing your profile. If they found you eligible to handle the task, they will hire you with your favorite prices.

You can earn handsome income via these freelancing websites as per your expertise and experience.

Work as a Writer

If you have relevant writing skills and you can write on different topics, then just go for freelancing writing job without thinking about anything else.

There are a number of freelance job providers for which you can work to earn handsome money online. You can sign up with Upwork, writerbay, expresswriters, and textbroker to get your task for writing contents.

One can earn money online through the writing job ranging from $10 to $40 for each 1000 words article.  Moreover, you can write for blogs, company, institution, individuals, etc.

Micro Jobs

You can also earn money online by doing some little tasks online on different websites. Some companies provide clients with small tasks like visiting some websites, identifying an object, writing small articles, rating comments, reviews, doing small searches on search engines, finding contact details, etc.

You can easily make money from $200 to $300 per month depending upon the time you spend. Similarly, some of the most popular websites are mturk, SEOclerk, gigwalk, and clickworker etc. you can sign up for and generate good income to your pocket.

Earn Money Online through YouTube

We all are familiar with YouTube. It is the most popular video sharing platform by Google. Today, one can also make money online by sharing videos on YouTube. Create a YouTube channel, start uploading videos on your channel and get paid for each view your video receive.

Moreover, you can apply for the YouTube partner program to earn money through ads. Once your channel gets a sufficient number of subscribers, you can start making money through YouTube. Interestingly, you can upload any sort of videos depending upon your interest.

Further, no need to make any investment and you can shoot your videos through your Smartphone in the starting.

Become an Online Seller

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has a wider scope to catch customers. You can make a reach around the world through online platforms. People are making a huge income by selling their products online. You can create a website and start selling your products there to earn money online.

Another way to make money online is to sell your products on popular online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

In case you do not have any kind of product, then what will you sell. Here is a solution for you. You can contact your nearest wholesalers and retailers. Further, you can publish their products on your website and earn a commission for every purchase. There is nothing hard; you just need to take action at all.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling domains is one of the easiest and modern ways to earn money online. But you need to make some initial investment to buy the domains. You can purchase different types of domains that you think companies or corporate firms, institutions, and individuals can buy in the future.

There are various online domain registrars like GoDaddy etc. which you can go for.

Hence, after registering domains, you can sell them as per your desired price to the needy. Moreover, you can also put them on auctions to sell them on higher prices. This job requires some alertness to identify the domains with high demand in the future.

Website Flipping

It is another hot online business providing you an opportunity to earn money online by selling websites. Similar to domain trading, you can put your website on auction and sell it on huge margins. Some of the popular online platforms are empireflippers, Flippa, etc. to sell and buy websites.

Further, you can buy 3-4 months old website, work on it and make your income double through this established website. It is quite easy to earn money faston old websites than the new ones.

Provide Training and Consultancy to the Needy People

Online training and consultancy can be a great source to earn money online. You can consult people with your expertize area and make a good income. Further, provide the people with your skills like computer course, English speaking, technical courses, and any other skills that you have.

Further, you can promote your business via Facebook page, website, or blog etc. you can do this online job from home without investment.

Stock Trading and Share Market

Well, the share market is another lucrative area to make money online. But it is risky to enter this domain without acquiring relevant knowledge. Likewise, there are various types of online and offline courses available for the interested people in the share market.

Further, you can also improve your knowledge by reading newspapers like economic times, CNBC, and watching some TV channels. People with deep knowledge can generate a great income by investing in the share market.

Earn Through Smartphones

Of course, your Smartphone can also fetch you a good income. You can use it to play games, watch videos, complete some surveys, install particular apps, sigh up on websites, etc. Some companies pay their users with huge money for completing these kinds of small tasks.

Further, you do not need extra time to perform these tasks. You can do it on the go while sitting in the park, traveling in the bus etc.

Similarly, sending promotional messages can also help you to earn money online via your Smartphone.

Sell your Photos Online

You will be wonder to know that you can even earn money by selling your photos on different online platforms. There are a number of websites like shtterstock, fotolia, istockphoto, photobucket, and many more you can use to make online selling.

Moreover, you can sell your photos through your own website. The photos can be of any type of your interest. You have to click high-quality photos of nature, places, dishes, homes, objects, or anything else with your Smartphone.

Then, publish these photos of different websites and sell them to the needy people. They will pay you with amounts of your preference.

Therefore, photo selling can be a great way to earn money online from home.

Sell Useless Things on OLX or Quickr

Today, various websites like OLX, Quickr etc. are providing you a platform to sell useless stuff in your home online. I am sure you will have a collection of such unused things at your home. You can sell these items on these platforms and earn money online. It will take little efforts to make the things possible.

Pick your phone and click some pictures of the stuff from different angles. Further, put these images on OLX or Quickr and start receiving the buyers.

Moreover, you can also find the help of your friends to sell your items on a commission basis. Hence, you can make money easily by selling the things that are no longer of use for you.


These are the 18 ways to earn money online by making some little efforts. Some are available that need no investment and some can be started with least investment.

Furthermore, no additional qualification is required to go for these money making ideas.

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