30 Ways to Make Money Fast in India

People in India always look to find the easy and trusted ways to make money fast. For the purpose, they search the internet, books, magazines, and various others stuff. Sometimes they get success, but sometimes they face unfortunate and lost their money and time.

Today, in this article, we are about to provide you with the answer to your question about how to make money fast in India. Countless ways are there you can adapt to make money fast in India. These include online methods as well as offline money making ideas. Moreover, you can even earn money from home through some astonishing home based business ideas.

We have collected and made a list of top 30 ways to make money fast in a country like India. Similarly, some of these money making ideas require the least amount of investment to start with. You can adjust your timing and can take them on a part-time basis as well. These offline and online money making ideas in India can give you a handsome income. Likewise, it varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 30,000 as per your efforts and time spent.

Investigate before you Proceed

Here one more thing you should be careful about. Just investigate about the business idea you are selecting to work upon.

Moreover, make contacts with people know their views about a particular business, products, demand and supply in the market and future predictions as well. Although these are the low investment business ideas but it becomes quite difficult to change the business later. So, make your full consideration before investing in any of the following home based small business ideas. Have a thorough look at the following top 30 ways to make money fast in India:

Indian Railway Agent

Workingas an agent with Indian railways is one of the best and easy ways to make money fast in India. Just make an agreement with the railways to work as a legal railway agent in any part of the country.

Moreover, it requires some amount of around Rs. 20,000 to join the railways as an agent. Similarly, you can also work from home as well. The work will include ticket booking, ticket reservation, cancellation, catering etc.

Work as a Caregiver

If you are from any of the metro cities, then this could be the profitable way to make money fast. Not only metro cities but today this business is also expanding across the other cities of the country. Provide your care to the elders of the working couples.

Hence, it is a noble way to generate some extra income. Moreover, you can do this business at the home of your clients.

Work as a Driver

If you are good at driving and have a vehicle, then make money fast through this business idea. Similarly, you can also make a contact with taxi service providing companies to work for them. You may often seek for the answer to how to make money fast; it can be a great answer to you.

Moreover, use your driving skills and convert them into a profitable business. Likewise, you can also hire a team of drivers to forward them further to the traveling companies. As a driver, you can make Rs. 500 to 1500 as per the location and time spent.

Make Money Fast by Sharing or Renting your Vehicle

It is yet another one of the quickest ways to make money fast in India. If you have a vehicle you can earn money by sharing or renting your vehicle when it is free of use. Moreover, when you go to your office or workplace, you can also drop some passengers to the nearby locations.

Definitely, it will reduce your travel costs and further add some extra income. In addition, there are several online platforms you can use to register your vehicle to share it.

Rent your Laptop Out

Surprised! You can also make money fast by renting your laptop. Now probably you may ask the question how it is possible. Friends, if you have a laptop at your home but you make no use of it. Then renting it out can be one of the easiest ways to make money fast.

How will you find your customers? Post an ad on various classified websites. Moreover, you can visit companies providing renting services as well. Business travelers often look for a laptop on rent when they make a brief visit to any city.

Rent your Room at your Home

Again, renting a spare room at your home could be one of the simplest ways to make money fast in India. Moreover, you can sign up with Airbnb for better results. It is an online platform providing accommodation services across the globe. They will help you in finding visitors for your room.

How is it among the quickest ways to make money fast? Today, a number of tourists and visitors look for home accommodation rather than hotels because of safety concerns.

Buy and Sell Old Currency Notes

Further, it is another marvelous option to make money fast in India. You can buy old, torn, and spoiled currency notes form people at a discount of 15 to 20% of the face value. After making the collection, you can deposit these bank notes into your account. It will provide you the full value of the notes.

As per the guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India, none of the banks can refuse to accept the old and torn notes. They will have to deposit the notes into the customers’ account in any condition. Hence, it could again be one of the best and simple ways to make money fast in India.

Sell Homemade Pickles and Jams

In India, there is a great demand for homemade pickles, jams, ketchups, and sauces etc. Usually, people buy these products from the market. But it contains artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Further, they are harmful to human health. Hence, people are waking of it and moving to organic and homemade products and eatables.

Furthermore, you can start this business right from your home. It also does not need a huge investment. Moreover, you can also register your trademark to take the business higher. Thus, this business idea can be the best way to make money fast in India.

Tiffin Service

Because of the busiest working schedule, thousands of working men and women have no time to cook their food. While in the office, they depend upon the Tiffin service for their lunch and sometimes for dinner also. Hence, you can see the success rate before launching this service.

Prepare food and distribute it to offices and homes. Especially in the metro cities, this could be one of the surprising ways to make money fast in India. You can charge up to Rs. 150 per meal depending upon your location and circumstances.


Most likely, it could be the fresh and new name to you. Telling you, it is also among the popular ways to make money fast. Let me explain it. Under Dropshipping, you book the online orders from the customers and provide them with the stuff bought from Dropshipping websites like alibaba.com.

Moreover, you can buy the articles from Dropshipping websites at cheap or factory rates. Further, you can sell these items to your customers.


When it comes to how to make money online, then blogging is one of the best and trusted ways to make money online. Today, millions of people are making millions of dollars just through blogging. AdSense and Affiliate marketing are some ways to make money fast through.

If you are passionate about writing articles, then blogging is for you. Write your thoughts and post them online to make unbelievable income. Further, choose your topic to write on. It can be any topic of your interest like gardening, sports, technology, books, gadgets etc. The income has no limit in blogging.

YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube channel and YouTube ads are the most exciting and passionate ways to make money fast in the world. You can make money online by YouTube channel hundreds time more than your expectations.

Creating a YouTube channel is quite easy and free. Further, start creating videos of your interest and post them on YouTube. Here AdSense again will help you to make your fortune. You will have to post different ads provided by YouTube in between your videos. When your viewer will click on these ads, you will be credited with the predefined amount of money directly into your bank account.

Make and Sell Organic and Herbal Juices

Today, we can’t expect any consumable item free of adulteration. In the market, we find every eatable item fully adulterated. Hence, making and selling fully organic and herbal juices can be one of the forever ways to make money fast in India.

Further, you can make juice of ginger, neem, amla, lemongrass and various other items useful for health. You can sell these items by the park sides in the morning on a part-time basis. Similarly, you can adopt this home based small business ideas on a full-time basis.

Multi-Level Marketing

The Multi-level marketing is also popularly known as network marketing and Chain marketing. It is also one of the easy ways to make money fast in India. Just make money using your social engagement. You have to become an associate with a multi-level marketing company to sell their products or services.

Moreover, apart from your commission, you can also earn referral income as per the company guidelines and schemes. You might hear about the Herbalife Company. It is one of the worlds’ largest multi-level marketing companies dealing with food supplement products. They are providing huge margins to their associates.

Deliver Food for Online Companies

Utilize your time and become a food delivery boy for online companies. A number of online platforms like Swiggy, Box8, Zomato, and others are always looking forward to hiring delivery boys to make timely food delivery to their customers. Hence, if you have a motorbike, you can be one of the best ways to make money fast for you.

Usually, these companies pay Rs. 20 to 30 per delivery. Likewise, you can make a good fortune through this job.

Deliver Parcels for Online Shopping Sites

Some of the top online shopping platforms are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc. They try to make timely deliveries of products to their customers. Here they can hire you as a delivery boy to perform the timely deliveries.

Today, customers prefer online shopping. Thousands of orders are being placed online. Thus, e-commerce websites can be one of the best and surest ways to make money fast. These companies generally pay you for your work and fuel depends upon the number of deliveries you made per day.

Deliver Courier on a Part-time basis

In India, some of the courier service providers are looking for local employees on a part-time basis who can deliver couriers and parcels to the addresses.

Therefore, it could be a great opportunity for those looking for part-time work. Utilize your spare time and earn money by delivering the parcels to the receivers. If you have a motorcycle, then it could be among the convenient ways to make money fast for you.

Join Airport to Hotel Pickup Service

You can also make a considerable income by providing airport to hotel pickup service. Visitors from abroad, always look for a convenient and fast airport to hotel pickup service.

In metro cities, it could be one of the best ways to make money fast. Further, if you have your own car, then companies will show more interest to hire you than others.

Moreover, you can perform your duty on both a full-time and a part-time basis.

Become an LIC Insurance Agent

Life insurance Corporation Ltd is one of the most reputed and biggest insurance companies in India. Working with this company is an honorable feeling in itself. So, you can work as an insurance agent with LIC to earn money easily.

LIC pays huge incentives to its agents on the behalf of premium paid by the customers whom they have sold an insurance policy. Moreover, it is one of the best and prestigious ways to make money fast in India.

Provide Temporary or Permanent Crew to the Restaurants

The crew members or employees of restaurants etc. often leave their job suddenly without giving any prior notice. They do so to join the other job that pays more. Therefore, it becomes tough for the managers to manage the work. So, they look for an emergency employee for a full-time or on a part-time basis.

Here you can help them by providing crew members instantly. It is also among the emerging ways to make money fast in India. The restaurants can pay you ranging between Rs. 200 to 500 per day.

Offer Walking Tour Services

Do you know these kinds of services? Let me tell you. When foreigners visit India, they look for a guide to help them in exploring the streets and towns by walking. You can offer them walking tour services in your town.

You must be well known to the favorite and popular places in your town. Therefore, it could also be the way to make money fast in India.

Provide Customized T-Shirts

Providing T-shirts of customized and unique designs to your customers can also be a good source of income. Sometimes people search for special T-shirts for special occasions to wear on. For example, T-shirts with printed birth date, anniversaries, and other memorable occasions etc.

Further, you can sell these special T-shirts to your customers by arranging them from small stores, especially from photography shops. This will surely be one of the unique ways to make money fast for you.

Make and Sell Costume Jewellery

If you have some art skills in designing artificial and costume jewelry, this business idea is going to be one of the best ways to make money fast for you.

Nowadays, there is a trend for a costume jewelry, especially among youngsters. They often need costume jewelry to wear with their different dresses.

Moreover, you can sell these items on Flipkart, Amazon etc. to find the customers across the country. This could be the best home based small business idea for women.

Sell Boiled Eggs

Selling boiled eggs is another way to make money fast in India you can think of. In India, boiled eggs are special snacks for alcoholic persons. That’s the reason we see egg seller near most of the beer bars etc.

Your margin may range between Rs. 4 and Rs. 7. Moreover, you can also hire someone to do the selling for you. This is a great source to earn extra income.

Part-time Bartender

In the parties where alcohol is served, bartenders are always required. Hence, it is another way to make money fast in India. You can provide bartenders to the party organizers or can work yourself as a bartender.

Moreover, you can also work as a part-time bartender in these parties. You have to make and serve drinks to the customers. In addition, there is also a great need for bartenders in the marriage palaces.

Work as a Server at Celebration Parties

Catering services providers often need local servers to attend the guests and invitees. You can perform this duty on a part-time basis as well.

Moreover, you can work on different celebration parties like wedding parties, birthday celebrations, and other corporate and social events. Your income will range between Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 for each 3-4 hour party. Therefore, it is one of the easiest ways to make money fast.

Work as Tourist Guide

Foreigners often look for tourist guide after reaching India. Hence, the tourist guide is one of the best ways to make money fast. They will pay you in dollars. Moreover, it is also a great opportunity for you to visit different places of the country while earning money.

All you will have to be known to some foreign languages to communicate with them. In addition, you can also initiate tourist Guide Company to provide professional services. Undoubtedly, you can make a huge fortune by working as a tourist guide.

Work as a Midwife

Midwifery was the services of past times. But these have still existence in the modern time. Today, women scared of giving birth to their child at hospitals. They look for midwives to give birth to their child at home.

Hence, providing midwifery can be another way to make money fast in India especially for women.

Make and Sell Idli/Dosa

Idli and Dosa are the traditional foods of south India. It can provide you with the ways to make money fast in India. You need to have cooking skills, especially in these items to push the business up. Moreover, you can prepare these items at home and then sell them to the nearest hotels or stores.

This is among the low investment small business ideas you can go for.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is getting importance and popularity at a pace across the world. It is a science to make and keep the human body fit and healthy. Moreover, it also does not require any kind of costly equipment as gym requires.

Therefore, working as a yoga instructor can be a fruitful way to make money fast. You can open your own yoga training center to instruct the people at home. In addition, you can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per student per month. Thus, it is a prestigious way to earn money while keeping the society fit and healthy.

Final Conclusion

Finally, you have gone through the entire list of these home based small business ideas. Most of them can easily start at home with a little amount of investment. Moreover, all these ideas do not require special qualifications or technical skills to work with.

We hope you will like these money making ways. Hopefully, you will have got your answers through this article. So, make some daring and proceed with the idea you like most or best suitable for you.

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